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An all-in-one metronome, tuner, and audio recording app for Android devices.

Many currently available tuner apps are either too specialized, or too bloated, with cluttered UI that's a headache to navigate. That's where TunaCan comes in. It's a mobile app for intermediate and professional string players that provides all the tools you need for a productive practice session, designed cleanly and wrapped up in a single package.

*Currently in development*


Mobile Dev, UI/UX Design, front-end development


figma, Godot Game Engine


Grace Li (UI/UX, front-end development), Iris Li (back-end)

Design Goals

Develop a practice tool for intermediate to professional string players, providing key features such as a customizable chromatic tuner, drone, metronome, and audio recorder.

Tabbed Interface

I decided to format the main app screen into three tabs: Tuner, Metronome, and Recorder. While these are all key features, and should be easily accessible, it's not always necessary to see them on the same screen.

The app structure is consistent across tabs, making the transition between them smooth and intuitive. The upper portion of each screen is used as a display, while the controls are located on the lower portion.

At Home on a Stand

TunaCan is designed to be used comfortably when held in your hand or placed on a stand. Key controls can be activated in just a few actions, and graphics are readable at a distance.


The tuner involves two features: a chromatic tuner that displays the pitch of a played note, and a tuning drone that can be customized to produce any pitch from C1 to A7.