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Murders at the Lake


A set of illustrations inspired by a TexasMonthly article about the 1982 Lake Waco murders.

In 1982, three teenagers were found dead at Lake Waco in Waco, Texas. The following police investigation and criminal trails spanned over multiple decades, and four men were convicted. Of the four, two plead guilty, and one was sentenced to death.


But what if there was more to their story?




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What intrigued me most about the events of the article was that its story went beyond the traditional whodunnit mystery. In this case, the evidence and testimonies had become so messy that the ones convicted and sentenced to death may well have been innocent.


I interpreted the message of the article as a warning about the dangers of expectation, and built my illustrations around the interplay between the seen and the unseen. When we expect one thing, what do we miss? What happens when the truth is more complex than we think?

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