Building Tactile Interactions


A small game about eating hot dogs, made for the Carnegie Mellon Game Creation Society Student-Taught Course.

Inspired by the 2008 browser game QWOP, my team and I decided to polish our Unity chops with a two-week sprint, where we took a simple eating mechanic and pushed it to its full potential with fun and whimsical execution.


Visual design, UI


Adobe Illustrator, Unity


Grace Li (Graphics), David Chen (Programming)



Given the simple structure of the game, a key goal was to provide a pleasing mechanical experience.


I created artwork to indicate visual feedback in the form of crumbs, chewed food progress states, button states, and character facial expression to make the fast-paced gameplay feel tactile and read clearly.

Visual Style

The gameplay of Hot Dog Eating Contest breaks down the act of eating into a conscious, messy process.


I chose to use a bold graphic style and bright color palette to evoke the packaged, semi-grotesque aesthetic of American competitive eating.

Initial Sketches.jpg
Hot Dog Game 1_Gameplay.jpg
Hot Dog Game 1_Title.jpg
Hot Dog Game 1_Postplay.jpg