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Design Hero: Shigeo Fukuda

Visual Design, Print, Prototyping

A set of informational materials including a poster, booklet, mobile experience, animation, and website to introduce my design hero, Shigeo Fukuda, to the public.

Shigeo Fukuda was a highly influential Japanese Graphic Designer who is known for weaving optical illusions into his work. In his posters, he often distilled difficult concepts such as environmentalism and the dangers of nuclear proliferation into stark, logo-like images that could be understood by anyone. Fukuda's empathetic design philosophy and joyful work ethic are a constant inspiration to me, so I took on this project to share his work with the world.


Graphic Design, Prototyping, Web Development


Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Indesign, Figma, After Effects, HTML/CSS/JavaScript

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The Heart

Fukuda's work is guided by his philosophy that empathy is the key to communication, so as designers we must always speak to the heart, which connects us as human beings. I represented this idea in my booklet through the motif of a red circle, which also alludes to his childhood in war-time Japan.